Program digital Interchange

The Language Club wears for the first time its program of digital cultural interchange! This project is exclusive for the professors and students who use our methodology during the school schedule. The program comprises of our goal to show the English language as a form of communication and natural interaction.

The service consists of having a periodic contact with children and children of a scholastic center of England, studying at the moment Castilian, via videoconference. During these direct sessions ‘in’ the professors they direct several comunicativas activities previously developed with the aim of practicing structures and language as much of form structured as of spontaneous way. The experience for our students is very special and motivating. To share and to resist experiences with our new companions allow us to learn on the English culture and to make new friendly.



Twin School Programme

For the schools that want to extend the experience of interchange The Language Club starts up our Twin School Programme that includes the participation in our program digital interchange and the management of a stay to the foreigner to visit our Spanish English companions/.



The service includes:


  • a previous analysis of the school, their characteristics and surroundings to assure an optimal twinning.
  • Teacher training of the center in our communicative methodology, access to all our didactic material and resources and continuous support during the academic term.
  • Management of twinning from its beginning, development of plan of digital action and technical support.
  • Integral management of the stay in England including collections, lodging, itinerary and activities, flights, support and insurance.
  • Integral management of a stay in Spain on the part of the students of the brother school including collections, lodging, support, itinerary and activities, flights and insurance. (optional)
  • Equipment of supervision and attention to the client at any moment of the process including a scholastic centers and individual families, press conferences and feedback in real time during the stays.


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