The Language Club offers an effective and motivating extra-curricular project of English with a communicative and completely practical approach. We work in the promotion of the confidence of the children so that they feel comfortable using the English. We use techniques of education especially adapted to facilitate practices it oral of the language. The language is introduced of structured form following you rule of the MECR (it guides European to make level the languages of standard form) to avoid frustrations and allowing the students to arrange what the reading and writing in the school learn with us of communicative form with. Our classes are structured to take advantage of the time available to the maximum and our teaching staff can be in center student to gather the children of his classes and to have tea with them before the session begins.


General missions

  • To increase the confidence of the children and to animate to speak to them in English.
  • To foment the capacity of the student to be able to communicate and to express themselves in English.
  • To create language solid bases and little by little to construct to envelope they.
  • To promote that the use of the language is normal and current.
  • To obtain that the learning experience is nice and funny.


Didactic material

The Language Club has developed its own didactic material in the stages of infantile and primary reinforcing the methodology to the maximum. Our smaller students share their learning with our funny characters while for kids and children of primary we have created a series of projects of cultural and social interest with the name ‘Find Out About…’ Our material includes interactive stories to foment the participation, Activity Books to consolidate the language and songs, raps and recordings of voice to facilitate the learning and to promote the independent review. All the material is available for the families in our deprived area of the platform unlimited hosting Web.



  • Access to the deprived area of families of our managed ssd vps hosting webpage.
  • Program of cultural interchange.
  • Bilingual native teaching staff/or with a level advanced of English, properly formed to distribute our methodology and with vocation to work with children.
  • Equipment of supervision and attention to the client.
  • Integral management of the extra-curricular one including inscriptions, discharges, losses and collections.
  • Press conference for families at the beginning of the course.
  • Positions of a guardian with the teaching staff in the middle of the course and quarterly report for each young boy/.
  • Incorporation of the new technologies in the learning.
  • Complementary supply of excursions, visits and stays 100% in English.


Private area

We think that a language would not have to be dealt with a subject but since is our direct form but of interaction and expression. It is very important to make see niños/as and young people them who to speak in English are useful and to try to standardize the use of the language in the daily day. For that reason in The Language Club we involved to the families and the schools in the learning through deprived area of our webpage. There we found all the own didactic material of The Language Club including electronic books and songs, the agenda of the teaching staff, the objectives of the course and material of support. Our teaching staff makes a weekly recommendation to the families so that the students follow their learning at home.


Other Activities 

The Language Club offers the possibility of distributing other activities in English following the method CLIL in which we have as objective the learning of an English subject with as language carrying. These activities include the robotics, the art and the manualidades, the theater, the sport and yoga. Student can in center be distributed these activities or in our facilities.


In order to speak with our equipment on extra-curricular the communicative The Language Club in the stages of infantile and primary, contact to us in