For which English?

The capacity to use the English in the professional scope is essential nowadays.  In The Language Club we understand the challenges of your company and we will help you to reach the objectives extending the knowledge of most important that you have: your workers.

We know that your company is different and the needs that it also has. For that reason The Language Club designs planes of study, schedules and budgets to size.


For which The Language Club?

  • Equipment of training native and expert
  • Superb methodology
  • Management of the 100% of the tripartite advantage
  • The best integral management of the course that includes analysis of needs and determination of objectives, test of level, proposal of effective and realistic curriculum, quality control of the course, monthly controls of attendance and final evaluation.
  • Ample variation of additional courses that includes sessions online and stays 100% English.


Why in-company?

To save time of displacements and to take advantage of the labor schedule to the maximum. The groups in-company can have a social benefit and even create an integrated and united equipment.