Mini Language Club

The Mini Language Club offers playful sessions for children from the 6 months to the 3 years with the aim of introducing the English, French or German language of funny and progressive form. One of our teachers moves to the day-care center or infantile school to hours to agree and we have a variety of services so that each center chooses the program that fits to them more. Also we offer familiar factories for children and children accompanied by its mother or father in our facilities.


Which are the benefits to learn new languages to an early age?

In his first years of life, the brain of the children and the children it is as a sponge. For that reason the experts in the language we animated to that smallest of the family they are sent the sooner to learn other languages. It is contrasted that the bilingualism not only improves the attention, but serves as mental training and help to exercise the memory of the small ones, improving therefore the mental abilities, not even related to the language. We know that during the first 4 years of life it is when more neuronal connections are generated, when the brain of the boy forms and for that reason it is the perfect moment to feed it with information and linguistic stimuli.




Programs and services

The Mini Language Club has developed a program based on songs, stories and activities with the purpose of to fit the learning of the language with the daily programming of the small children in the day-care center or infantile school. We offer the following services:

  • Sessions of 40 ' of duration with a teacher of The Language Club during the operation schedule of the center. It includes pursuit from our infantile program, quarterly diplomas for each niño/a and access to our area deprived for the families.
  • Sessions of 1 hour 15 ' of duration with a teacher of The Language Club. It includes pursuit of our infantile program and an activity of consolidation that arranges the language with the centers of interest of the day-care center or infantile school. Every trimester works portfolio and niño/a is distributed diplomas for each. The families have access to our private area.
  • Mini Language Club ILS (Integral Language Service) The Language Club sends a specialistic teacher in infantile education to the center during 4 hours followed with the aim of distributing our infantile program; as well as to attend the educators of the center in its daily tasks, always interacting with niños/as in the second selected language. The objective is to standardize the use of this language and to obtain that the children and children learn it of the possible most natural form. Service ILS can be contracted from 1 day the week to 5 days.
  • Familiar sessions of 40 ' of duration with music, mini movement and games for niño/a and their breast or Pope as ‘extra-curricular.’
  • Previous meeting with one of our specialists to determine the specific needs of each center.





In order to give an added value to the service of day-care center or to speak with one of our expert ones on the possibility of implementing Mini Language Club in your center, contact to us in