In your school

The Language Club offers country places and campings of English and leisure/creativity in the scholastic centers during vacation of Christmas, Easter and summer.


We to size prepare a proposal according to the indications of the AMPA or the directive equipment of the school considering the needs of the scholastic community.


Our ratio monitor-niño/a always satisfies the legal requirements, just as the hiring with monitors and directors of titled leisure and free time. We took care of the integral management of the country place/camping, including the development and the accomplishment of the same, publicity, press conferences, inscriptions and survey of satisfaction.



In order to receive more information on the possibility of making an English country place of in your school contacting with us without commitment to


Colonies of linguistic immersion in national territory

The Language Club organizes colonies of primary linguistic immersion for children and children of and THAT in Catalonia and the Basque Country.


Of one or two weeks of duration, these stays allow us to follow with our communicative methodology, offering to the children and children the opportunity to give a push to their English.


We combine funny activities of daily sport and leisure with ‘boost classes’ of short duration to consolidate and to review the language.



In order to receive information on our stays of linguistic immersion to contact with us to



Stays abroad

As part of our program of interchange, The Language Club to size offers stays in England for students of primary, THAT and Baccalaureate and even for families.


We already know that the best way really to learn a language is to live it, and what better way than to be able to be completely surrounded by the language of daily form?


The Language Club manages all type of stay in England from the previous consultation with (s) the family (s) or the scholastic center, the development and presentation of the stay to size and the accomplishment and management of all the facets of the same.



If you want to organize a stay in England for your son or daughter, a group of students or your family to put to you with us to in touch