Family Fun Camp

Our Family Fun Camps is the perfect way to maintain alive the English language of form continued during the year. From stays of a weekend to complete weeks, each family can enjoy a great variety of activities in English to size native professors and classes, with lodging and meals including.


We know that you look for quality and for that reason our Family Fun Camps has a limit of places and a low ratio of participant-professor, guaranteeing therefore an optimal contact with the language and allowing to the parents and the mothers to take advantage of to the maximum their stay knowing that smallest of the families they are in very good hands.


Stays abroad

As it leaves from our program of interchange The Language Club to size offers stays in England for students of primary, THAT and Baccalaureate and even for families. We already know that the best way really to learn a language is to live it, and what better way than to be able to be completely surrounded by the language of daily form?


The Language Club manages all type of stay in England from the previous consultation with (s) the family (s), the development and presentation of the stay to size and the accomplishment and management of all the facets of the same.


In order to receive information on stays 2016-17, or a budget of a stay in family to size, contacts with us without commitment in


You look for country place or colonies in English for your hijo/a? Clica here.