Let's Talk

The Language Club offers the students of THAT the opportunity to complement its studies of English with our course of oral agility ‘Let’ s Talk'. This course is designed to give the opportunity to the students to use its linguistic knowledge of communicative form and to improve its fluidity trying subjects about interest for them.


TLC Challenge

If what we needed is to reach level A2-B2 and to face an official examination, The Language Club recommends its course of reinforcement TLC Challenge. We collaborate as much with TRINITY as with CAMBRIDGE and prepared our students for the examinations of KET, PET, FCE, GESE or ISE.

For an approach of 360 degrees it is possible to be combined courses TLC Challenge and Let's Talk.



  • Access to the deprived area of families of our webpage.
  • Program of cultural interchange.
  • Bilingual native teaching staff/or with a level advanced of English, properly formed to distribute our methodology and with experience resisted in preparing students for official examinations.
  • Equipment of supervision and attention to the client.
  • Integral management of the extra-curricular one including inscriptions, discharges, losses and collections.
  • Press conference for families at the beginning of the course.
  • Positions of a guardian with the teaching staff in the middle of the course and quarterly report for each young boy/.
  • Management and organization of official examinations.
  • Incorporation of the new technologies in the learning.
  • Complementary supply of excursions, visits and stays 100% in English.



In order to speak with our equipment on extra-curricular the communicative The Language Club in THAT and Baccalaureate or to request information on our courses of reinforcement of languages and preparation of official examinations, contact to us in hello@panoramic-language.com