Tripartite foundation

The formation help to undertakings to increase its competitiveness and productivity, developing the competitions and qualifications of its employees. For it, they have a financial help that becomes effective by means of advantages in the quotes to the Social Security. All the companies have an annual minimum legal that can dedicate to the formation of their employees.

The Language Club transacts the courses discounted by the Tripartite Foundation for the English, French and German Use in. As much actual as courses online or semiactual courses can be discounted. The courses can be individual or group and to take place in the same center from the work or our facilities.


Who can benefit?

Independent companies, professionals and who want to receive formation courses and who have formative credit.


For which The Language Club?

  • The Language Club offers a complete service of formation including advising, elaboration and presentation of the formation plans.
  • We manage the formative action in the application of the Tripartite Foundation and realised all the proceedings and managements to start up a discounted course. We save the time of the administrative managements for your company.
  • The courses can be distributed in the same center of work or our facilities. The classes can be group or individual, actual, semiactual or 100% online.


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